Swarovski Crystal Present Stack Earrings
Swarovski Crystal Christmas Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Present Stack Earrings Kit for Wire Wrapping Swarovski Christmas Holiday Earrings GutsyGuide

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This is the materials kit that accompanies the lessons on the Swarovski Crystal Present Stack Earrings in the course Wire Wrapping GutsyGuide: Swarovski Christmas Earrings. The kit includes enough materials to make one pair of earrings.

This kit ONLY includes materials for the Swarovski Crystal Present Stack Earrings project. Click to purchase a kit that includes materials for all Wire Wrapping Swarovski Christmas Earrings projects.

It is not necessary to enroll in the course to complete this project, but if you'd like to join us in our online class, get 30% off the course price!!

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