Chainmaille DIY Course Kit Jump Rings Pliers
DIY Shaggy Loop Chain Mail Beaded Ankle Bracelet
DIY Chain Mail Epic Sunrise Beaded Necklace and Earrings Set
DIY Chain Mail Lariat Necklace Kit
DIY Hath Panja Slave Bracelet Barefoot Sandals Beaded Chain Mail Kit
DIY Twisted Chain Mail Gunmetal and Silver Bracelet Kit
DIY Chain Mail Silver and Gold Mini Link Ring Kit
DIY Chain Mail Gunmetal Antique Silver Ombre Earrings Kit
DIY Chain Mail Silver and Gold Pillar Earrings Kit
DIY Gold Chain Mail Textured Circlet Earrings Kit
DIY Chain Mail Oh! Ring Stretchy Keychain Kit

Chainmaille GutsyGuide Kit for Mastering the Basics Course

Regular price $149.00
This is the full kit that accompanies the course Chainmaille GutsyGuide: Mastering the Basics. The kit includes a tape measure, a bead mat and materials for the following:

Ombre Earrings
Mini Link Ring
Stretchy Keychain
Twisted Gunmetal Bracelet
Textured Circlet Dangle Earrings
Shaggy Loop Beaded Ankle Bracelet
Striped Pillar Earrings
Epic Sunrise Necklace
Bonus! Epic Sunrise Earrings
Beaded Hath Panja
Bonus! Beaded Barefoot Sandal (single)
Graduated Lariat Necklace

This kit does NOT include pliers.

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