Blue Ombre Adjustable Beaded Bra Straps DIY Kit
Adjustable Beaded Bra Straps DIY Kit

Ombre Multi Color Adjustable Beaded Bra Strap Kit Only to Accompany Beadwork GutsyGuide Course

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This listing is for an Ombre Multi Color Adjustable Beaded Bra Strap Kit only to accompany the GutsyGuide Beadwork Course.

This kit includes:

-20 grams of seed beads in the colors of your choice (enough to cover any mistakes or bead loss)
-2 bra strap slides
-4 G-hooks
-260 inches of nylon monofilament (enough to make one pair of straps 22 inch straps and have plenty left over)

No instructions are provided with this kit. Click to get 30% off enrollment in Beadwork GutsyGuide: Adjustable Beaded Bra Straps.