What is Chainmaille? A Quick Discussion of the Chain Mail Ins and Outs


What Is Chainmaille?

Chainmaille is the art of weaving metal rings together in specific patterns to create a linked chain or sheet.

Here are some examples of chain weaves:
• Byzantine
• Barrel weave
• Box chain
• Captured crystal
• Full Persian
• Tryzantine

Here are some examples of sheet weaves:
• Japanese 12 in 2
• European 4-in-1
• Dragonscale
• Scalemaille

Whether you spell it chain mail, chainmail chainmaille, it doesn’t matter – it all refers to the same thing. Personally, I like to spell it with two “Ls” and an “E” because it makes me feel all smart and fancy and stuff. But if you think that less is more, well, more power to ya!

Here Are The Top Five Reasons Why I Love Chainmaille – let me count the ways!!

Number Five – The History Factor

Chainmaille dates back almost 3,000 years to the Middle Ages.

Number Four - The Upcycle Factor

Chainmaille has transformed from the salvation of a medieval soldier to a modern, edgy, stunning accessory.

Number Three – The Variety Factor

There are so many different types of chainmaille that it will take me a lifetime to learn them all.

Number Two – The Ingenuity Factor

The endless variation of the linked chain allows for ongoing innovation and development of new patterns.

And the Number One Reason Why I Love Chainmail is The Something-from-Nothing Factor

Chainmaille allows me to create something unexpectedly fabulous out of nothing more a pile of rings.

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