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Working with Jump Rings

Alright then, friends!! Let’s get our hands on those pliers!!

Hold one pair of pliers comfortably in each hand with the jaws by your thumbs.

The fastest way to destroy a jump ring is to pull it apart! When opening jump rings ALWAYS twist them open!

To open a jump ring:

1. The best place to hold a jump ring for the best leverage is at 1-2 o’clock with your right hand and 10-11 o’clock with your left.
2. Keeping a firm hold on both pliers, twist the right pliers toward you and the left pliers away from you.

To close a jump ring:

1. Hold the jump ring firmly with both pliers (left plier at 10-11 and right plier at 1-2).
2. Twist the right pliers away from you and the left pliers toward you. This will bring the ring ends very close together.
3. To completely close the space between the ring ends, gently move them past each other (front to back) a couple of times to bring them flush. Visualize two swinging doors coming to rest.

Repeat opening and closing a jump ring until you feel comfortable with the progression. While you practice, pay attention to how much pressure is required to bend the ring. Ideally, you will want to apply enough, but just the bare minimum amount of pressure to avoid marking or scratching the metal or the coating.

This will get easier and easier the more you do it!

Make sure the placement of your pliers is such that the jaws do not have contact with the jaws of the other pliers.

When working with smaller jump rings:

1. It is much easier to pick up smaller jump rings on a padded surface as opposed to a solid surface
2. Using a solid color background will make it easier to see smaller rings while you’re working quickly.

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